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Our Services

On Site First Aid Services

Our On Site First Aid Services with certified Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics and Certified Athletic Trainers includes:

  • AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
  • FCC licensed radios for communication
  • Portable Emergency Oxygen
  • All medical supplies

Tournament Planning Services

We can help you plan, organize and run an event of ANY size.

Why You Should Use Blue Line Medical Services


Your job as Tournament Director is busy enough without having to worry about finding and scheduling qualified medical people for your tournament. Counting on parents or friends to volunteer their time can be  troubling and time

consuming. We take time to listen to your needs and provide solutions that will meet your organization’s expectations. The cornerstone of our business is attention to details and customer service. One call to Blue Line Medical Services will free up your valuable time and provide you with peace of mind knowing that qualified medical people will be at your tournament on time! Find out why local youth, High school, amateur and club sports organizations choose us as their medical service provider.
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High Visibility and Presence

Blue Line Medical staff wear apparel that clearly identifies them to players and spectators as qualified medical people and are readily available to respond when needed.Your tournament will not only be safer but having Blue Line Medical

Services on site will help make your tournament an event that spectators and teams will remember and will want to come back to again.
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Being affordable does not mean providing your organization with lesser quality service. You can pay other services more and still not receive better value or service for your money than we provide our customers.  We understand the

importance of working within your organization’s budget. In most cases we can save your organization money compared to what you may have been paying. Blue Line Medical Services was founded by people who know that finding a reliable medical service for youth sports organizations and staying within a budget are important. Contact us about your service needs and we will work with you.
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Detailed Billing

Your organization will receive a detailed invoice after your event is completed. Your invoice will clearly identify who was working your event as well as the time and dates. All charges for our service are clearly listed there are no hidden

surcharges or fees. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.
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Reduce Your Organization’s Liability

All Blue Line Medical Services staff are carefully screened and must pass a complete criminal background check before being hired. All staff are fully insured for professional liability. This is assurance to you that you are

getting qualified medical people for your tournaments. Your association takes on enough liability managing it’s sports program. Hiring uninsured, unscreened medical people to staff your tournaments puts your organization, participating athletes and your sports program at risk. Can your present medical service vendor provide proof that it conducts background checks or produce proof of professional liability insurance? In today’s world, can your organization really afford to not know who is working for you?
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